We offered feature professional tattoo artists

We make specialist drawing & sketching tattoo design, also tattooing by original design from us.

All our artists are very versatile and creative.

With a combined 13 years experience, we have talented tattoo artists to suit any style of body art, and can help you with custom designs, ideas and the advice needed when preparing for your tattoo.

Our aim is to provide a unique tattoo service, where by you get the right tattoo to reflect you as a person and make you feel comfortable with the ideas which you want to explore.

We encourage our clients to come to the studio and discuss any aspect of a new tattoo.



We use the strict hygienic following procedure:

  1. New needles for every customer guaranteed ( brand new needles for each customer)
  2. All equipments clean, safe, sterilized, health dept.licensed (autoclave hospital grade sterilization)
  3. Tattoist always wear new surgical gloves for eact customer
  4. New inks used for each customer ( original tattoo inks, eternal inks and intenze inks )
  5. Bright colours, free line custom work, free hand, privasy on request
  6. Clean, Comfortable, private surroundings
  7. Old tattoos covered of renewed
  8. Thousands of designs to choose from our large selection or bring your own design
  9. Friendly service
  10. Full music

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